Lockdown is over they say. But is it really? When we remain behind our closed doors In the recluse of ourselves. And ponder - what really changed after lockdown? The numerous memes have come and gone. Ones of "what will be the new normal"? Or of how friendships will be so much more valued and human connection a precious gift.

But, What happens to those who were in "lockdown" long before it became a hashtag? Ones who have grown weary of seemingly fleeting human connection. Ones who are dissatisfied with the false facade of smiles and handshakes. Ones who, when they go home at the end of the day, it's to an empty home and blank screen. Make the effort, meet people, I hear someone say. One thing you realise when you meet alot of people in everyday life is this - The more human encounters you have, the smaller your true connections get. If we would only be re-taught from the days of old, what investing in another's life looks like, perhaps we'd realise it's more than that: Long-planned, never-happened coffee or lunch. More than that fleeting text that says "how are you doing?" More than that once in a year invite to hear of latest achievements. More than that chit a chatter which lasts for a moment, and yet not long enough for memories to form.

We seem to have grown content with repeated meetups that never quite move past the "how was your week?" phase. Casual coffees that are like bandaids for a fleeting moment. Work meetings that have become a substitute for daily interaction. Chats that seem to fill the screens of our phones but not our hearts.

We try to make everything else around us sustainable and quick. While the human soul secretly craves for deeper connections. For time-tested friendships that have been through the fire of life and yet still stand. For times when you look around and you  can see yourself in more eyes than just yours. Times when our fractured world starts to bear some semblance of wholeness. Times when caring is no longer catching the news headlines, when it has now become the norm. Times when huge processions and shouts are no longer needed just so the person standing right next to you can hear you. Times when multiple texts are no longer needed just so the person down the block from you can see you. Times when funny gifs and memes are no longer needed just so the person at arm's length can know you. Times when we're all too busy engaged in deep conversations and getting to know others, that we forget to take a selfie of the neatly arranged plate of food in front of us. Times when we can look at the person sitting across from us and actually be present.

So my question to you is this: Where do we go from here? 

Say it with Jachory,

Susie ;-)