Ongoing Jachory Wings campaign - "Give a child a hope, give a child a future": gf.me/u/uxjakx

Jachory was birthed out of hope.

She provides meaningful, impactful products, which create a sense of identity and inspire people to connect with one another.

A dream of Jachory is to someday have a humanitarian wing that partners with other organisations to encourage social and economic empowerment in communities, by supporting indigenous talent both on a local and global scale. This dream is starting to become a reality with the birth of Jachory Wings - more details via www.facebook.com/jachorywings. Jachory hopes to provide organisations with products which give them a louder voice in the marketplace and which effectively communicates their message, branding and philosophy.

By choosing Jachory to cater to your gift and event needs, you are not just buying a product. You are expressing a feeling, a desire, an emotion, an idea.
You are sharing the very essence of Jachory - You are spreading hope.

So...”Say it with Jachory”.

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